London Calling: Oppose the EDL Saturday 29 June

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Kev Carroll – the leaders of the EDL – are planning to walk from Hyde Park to Woolwich on Saturday (Armed Forces Day). This is not being promoted as an “official” EDL event but is supposed to be a sponsored walk.  Lennon has also promoted it as a “walk of death” because he is planning to walk past the East London Mosque. Although he has recently stopped mentioning the Mosque as a point on the route, there’s no reason to assume he has dropped it the plan, given the prominence he gave to it. Press from Tuesday suggests it is still on the route and police are preparing for it as a flashpoint (another being passing through Newham).

Lennon and Carroll have said they are starting at the 7/7 memorial in the SE corner of Hyde Park (nearest tube Hyde Park corner, Piccadilly line). They haven’t advertised a time and haven’t called for EDL supporters to join them there. They are asking EDL members to meet them for the final mile in Woolwich at 14:00, ending at the Woolwich Barracks where there is an Armed Forces Day family fair. EDL members are being requested not to bring any EDL insignia and to come as “members of the public”.

The UAF have announced a meet up point for 11:00 at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park (nearest tube is Marble Arch, Central line). They have said they are marching to Altab Ali park in Whitechapel, which is next to the East London Mosque. They have asked people to bring travelcards and to be prepared for the assembly point and details to change.

South London Anti-Fascists are mobilising in Woolwich to oppose the EDL presence in the area. They are meeting at the Old Coronet Cinema/Gateway House, John Wilson St, Woolwich, London, SE18 6QQ at 11:00.

South London Antifascists call-out:

 UAF call-out:

Map of the route that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon tweeted on 13th June:

Link to info on police preparations preparing for flashpoints at Mosque and in Newham: woolwich.htm#.UcmNhdIhZOg.twitter


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Brighton Anti-Fascists gathered along the seafront to oppose any fascist using the cover of “Brighton and Hove Strong” to find five youngsters and one older man (three score years and ten, at least) all of whom denied having anything to do with the EDL. The six said they would let anti-fascists know if any EDL turned up. None did.  Or, if they did, they hid.

Meanwhile, an installation of anti-war photographs at Brighton’s Old Steine Memorial War was ripped down by community police officers. Entitled “Hate is not the answer”, the photographs displayed anti-war messages created New Yorkers in the days following 9/11. Maybe the cops think hate is OK. It keeps them in business.

At the end of the day anti-fascists offered support to the banner-making project at Brighton’s Jubliee Library, Re-making Picasso’s Guernica.

Art V Fascism: art wins hands down.

For more Re-making Picasso’s Guernica see:


Just in case you need confirmation that the EDL are the organisers of the Brighton and Hove Strong event to be held today, here’s their real web presence.

They say they’ll be at the Peace Statute on the border of Brighton and Hove at 1pm. That’s where the counter protest starts.

Sheriden Hawkes - B&H Strong admin - racist 'likes' Mike Shaw - B&H Strong march organiser - racist 'likes'


EDL front “Strong” to march in Brighton 1pm Sunday 23 June

At 1pm on Sunday 23rd June, an organisation calling themselves “Brighton and Hove Strong” will be making their way from the Peace Statue on the Hove border to the Old Steine War Memorial in Brighton.  EDL News has revealed that the “Strong” movement, stealing the name of an American response to the Boston bombings,  is ‘riddled with far right members of the Infidels, the English Defence League, the British National Party and other far right splinter groups.’

The “Strong” movement is another attempt exploit the death of soldier Lee Rigby by right wing racists and fascists, who do so against the expressed wishes of his family and regiment. The use of facebook cover names for EDL causes has even been noted by  The Telegraph.

“Brighton and Hove Strong” are administered by EDL supporters. This new front group, like the EDL itself declares it is against ‘extremists’, which has so often been the code word for religious and racist prejudice about any Muslim no matter what that person believes.

If we are out walking on Brighton seafront on Sunday 23 June around 1pm in the afternoon maybe we should ask the “Strong” marchers: ‘What really is extremism?’ And: ‘Why isn’t “Strong” concerned about the rise of the right wing extremism of EDL?’ In the immediate aftermath of the death of Lee Rigby, interfaith group, Faith Matters, documented the desecration of mosques and attacks of Muslim people:  ten mosques were vandalised in just two days and almost 200 personal attacks reported over less than a two week.

Don’t let the politics of hate takeover.

Follow Stopmfe on twitter for updates.

If you want to follow up articles in EDL News or the The Telegraph, go to:

White Roses V EDL

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White Roses V EDL

A hundred anti-fascists gathered at the Brighton’s War Memorial today and left white roses, a symbol of opposition to fascism and war. The White Rose Movement was the name of a group Munich students who opposed the Nazis and were executed.  People gathered between 12 noon and 1.30 pm, they held up posters saying “Against Hate, War and Fascism”, “Don’t Hijack Death” and “Don’t let hate divide us”. They laid white roses on the memorial itself.

The gathering was in response to a report in yesterday’s local newspaper The Argus that the EDL would be marching in Brighton and laying a wreath at the war memorial at 1pm. The far right group has been busy exploiting the killing of  Fusiler Lee Rigby despite his family and regiment’s request not to use his death to fuel revenge. Knowing that Brighton will never welcome racists and fascists, the “official EDL” altered the advertised time of their wreath laying to 10.30 am, secretly sneaking in to lay flowers.  Unaligned and new EDL sympathisers were left to walk into a large anti-fascist presence at 13.00.  Passers by accepted anti-fascist leaflets and as Brighton people faced off  EDL supporters outside the war memorial.

The space was peacefully occupied by the anti-fascist people of Brighton who, like the Munich students, refused to be silent and allow the EDL to claim the public space and capitalise on the murder of a solider.


The English Defence League have announced they will be at the War Memorial on the Old Steine at 1pm, as part of a nationwide day of EDL presence at Centotaphs. They come to spread a message of hate. Just last month the people of Brighton came out en masse to reject them. Now the EDL are trying to use the murder of a young soldier to create more conflict.

Lee Rigby’s family have asked that no-one take advantage of his death, but that has made no difference to the EDL who can only see a political bandwagon and a chance to to spread racial discord.

We ask that people attend the war memorial this Saturday in a dignified and respectful manner at 12.30 to show that this tragedy will not divide us.


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flipflapBrighton Anti-Fascists estimate that at least two thousand people came out
on Sunday 21st April to protest against March for England and those right
wing racists and fascist that they brought to our town. It was a busy day
and chaotic. Our crowd was split by a massive police van blockade of our
widely advertised assembly point. This meant many people did not get a
chance to pick up the legal advice for protesters. Here’s a brief summary:

Stay calm.

If you are arrested, you have a right to consult a solicitor of your
choice. We recommend Kelly’s 01273 674898.

And, remember your rights. You have the right to remain silent. “No
comment” prevents information gathering that can be used against you and
on your friends.

In the aftermath the mobilisation against March for England, there have
been attempts to intimidate protestors on internet sites, in local news
media and by police.

If any of this is happening to you, let us know
( and 07534189668).

casualsWe really probably shouldn’t indulge ourselves but something about the ongoing fictionalization of events in Brighton last Sunday by the far-right keeps us heading back to Facebook and Twitter for the latest fantastic developments.

Now you might think the reams of photos of boneheads being kicked all over the pavement/hiding behind the police/ getting bashed on the bonce by flying objects might present a fairly conclusive picture of what happened – but you’d be wrong.

Unfortunatley for EDL fashion victims Casualties United – they weren’t quick enough with the camcorder when one of their girls ( a kickboxing champion no less!) battered seven antifa men unconscious. Now that’d be worth seeing! Unfortunatley overcome with modesty the Casuals seem to have disappeared this stirring episode from their Facebook.

In an unconscious admission of what really happened (i.e the fash got kicked all over town) Casuals are pinning all their bullshit on one incident down near the pier – apparently a happening so fearsome no ‘commie’ dares speak of it. The Casuals crack suicide squad (some of whom had already taken a bit of shoeing) managed to run a vaguely defined number of Antifa (think of a number – quadruple it and add five) and batter them all – glorious stuff!!

Sadly back in boring mundane reality what actually happened was that a small group of Casuals, was confronted by a larger mixed group of anti-fascists. To be fair the Casuals did start when outnumbered and managed to split a girl’s head open with an umbrella. They were then put on their arses and two of them (including Steven Sands in what must have been one of the worst afternoon’s of his life) got nicked.

One participant observer told SchNEWS “They actually weren’t very good at fighting – it was all sort of rush in, try and get the first punch, then grab hold of someone and fall over”. Maybe SchNEWS is being unfair and staunch nationalists that the Casuals are they were practising some indigenous form of martial arts – the way of the stunned ferret or some such.

More Crap Arrests…

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