Brighton Antifascists

Posted: February 1, 2011 in General

Welcome to the Brighton Antifascists group

We are an independent group, based in Brighton, that formed as a response to a recent increase in nationalist and fascist activity. We are willing to confront any fascist/racist activities in our area, by encouraging mass direct action amongst other methods. We are not aligned with any political party, nor do we co-operate with any, we also don’t work with the police. The state cannot be relied upon to oppose fascism, and will tolerate or encourage fascist groups when it suits its purposes.  We try to organise as a non-hierarchical group.

We are happy to work with other groups to build a non sectarian antifascist network.

If you have any information on fascist activity please contact us by phone on
07534 189 668, or email us at

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